Anatomy of calf muscles

Description of calf muscles

The triceps sural or calf is a muscle which is constituted by the gastrocnemians as well as the soleus. Qualified as twins, there are two gastrocnemians: the lateral leader and the medial head. The medial gastrocnemius and the lateral gastrocnemius are the two portions of the calves on the surface. These muscles are both located on the femur. The lateral Activatrol Male Testosterone  head has lateral femoral condyle connections. As for the medial gastrocnemius, it is in contact with the medial femoral condyle. Let’s finish with the twins to say that these are bi-articular muscles. As for the soleus, it is a mono-articular muscle as opposed to gastrocnemius. It is related to the fibula and the tibia. It is the union of these two muscles which form the so-called Achilles tendon. The calves are subject to many pathologies because they are frequently subjected to stress and especially because of their specificities. Among the diseases to which these muscular regions are exposed are cramps, Achilles tendon rupture, lodge syndrome, deep venous thrombosis or varicose veins.

Exercise to muscle the calves

Exercise to muscle the calves

Insertions and path of calf muscles

Gastrocnemians also known as twins perform their insertion on the posterior surface of the femoral condyles. The lateral head, for example, is inserted into the lateral femoral condyle, while the so-called medial head is inserted into the medial femoral condyle. As for the soleus, it is inserted on the fibula and the tibia. In terms of journey, this part of the calves passes under the gastrocnemians. The two will unite to form the Achilles tendon. The latter ends on the calcaneum.

Roles of calf muscles

The calves that are essential muscles in the circulation as pumps facilitating blood flow, have several functions in the movements of the leg. The different roles that this part of the body plays are a function of the elements that compose it. Thus, twins or gastrocnemians are crucial for the extension of the knee. They are also knee flexors when the feet are attached to the floor. These functions of the calves are made possible by the spanning of these on the joint of the knee. They also have a planetary bending function. This is the role played by the other muscle forming the calves, namely the soleus. What is it about the role of planetary bending? We must reply by saying that it is by this action that it is possible to mount on tiptoe. Many exercises are planned to develop the calves. Thus, to strengthen the action of these leg muscles, either the twins are strained or the soleus. The choice must be made according to the expected results. However, it is worth pointing out that, given their peculiarities, the calves remain muscles difficult to develop.

Training Routine for calves

I have heard mockery during all these years spent developing my calves.

I will never forget when, a few years ago, one of my good friends who knew nothing about bodybuilding told me a shred fx testo phrase that has long obsessed me – “Why are your calves so small compared to the rest of your body ? ”


“You are either born with beautiful calves or you are not. If you do not have a genetic heritage that has given you calves of bulls, you can never have big calves. ”

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve already heard this kind of speech, it’s kind of the obsession of the bodybuilding practitioner. Although this person knows absolutely nothing about bodybuilding, this phrase touched me and motivated me to train my calves more than ever and never give up.

The formula for calf growth

Seven years ago, before I started practicing bodybuilding, I was very skinny with incredibly thin calves and very fine ankles more suited to high heels than a pair of boots. After hundreds of hours of careful study of bodybuilding articles and the pooling of countless fundamentals, I finally found the formula to make my calves grow

Balance and symmetry have always been at the center of my attention during my workouts and I always religiously place this principle at the heart of my sessions to work on my weak points at the beginning of my strength training , More force in the objective of obtaining an irreproachable physique.

It did not take long for me to realize that my calves were as stubborn as a child who has to go to the dentist, and it is in this spirit that I embarked on intensive calf training with series, Superseries , high / low repeats, varying the frequency of sessions … but this had no effect. I was condemned to have small calves.

One day, in a last effort to try to achieve my goals and avoid having to wear long pants for the rest of my days, I found a hope in the person of a bodybuilder named Flex Lewis James .

After looking at old photographs, I noticed that a few years ago, the average development of the calves was much larger than today. With this idea in mind, I did a real detective job by studying and reading his training rituals in this area of ​​the body difficult to train.

I concluded that the only exercise he always incorporated into his routine and that I had never done in mine was a sequence of repetitions burn out at the end of each set. After performing a series to work the calves in a sitting position, standing or after any other movement of the “Flex” calves always stood upright to continue extending until exhaustion again.

The process behind this technique is to stuff the area and thus provide more nutrients to the muscle so that it rebuilds as well as stretch the underlying fascia which gives more room for muscle growth.

The results following this training of the calves

After following this routine for six weeks twice a week, my calves responded significantly to this solicitation. Before they visibly began to grow the main thing I had noticed was the considerable increase in the vascularization of my calves, especially around the shins.

6 tips to get bigger calves

Before that, this area was not particularly vascularized even if I followed a special diet. Increased blood flow in the calves allows the calves to gain volume. Nutrients were now more readily absorbed by the muscle for rapid recovery, which leads to increased muscle size.

Several months later they continued to grow to the point that I no longer needed to consider them as a priority during my workouts and they were no longer one of my weaknesses. It had not happened to me in seven years of training, today I am even complimented on the development of my calves.

Tips & Recommendations to increase the volume of your calves

Here are some of Flex’s tips and recommendations:

1.Slow and Energetic

When doing any movement to work your calves, try to do slow and energetic repetitions to remove any tendon load. The Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle is very powerful and will assume all the tension exerted on the muscle if this movement is carried out too quickly.

Two seconds on the negative part of the movement (part down) and one to two seconds on the positive part of the movement (up) will suffice.

2.Burn Out

After the traditional extension of the calf standing, continue with repetitions burn out in the same position on the floor. After a sitting series, stand on the floor, but this time imitate the position of the seated extensions by bending the knees at right angles and holding something to keep you in that position. Doing burn out in this position is a must to stretch the fascia of the underlying soleus muscle.

3.The sole of the foot

Try to focus a maximum of your body weight on the soles of your feet to direct the resistance directly onto the calf muscle. Point the toes outward if you need to insulate the outer calf. Point them inward if you want to develop the inside of the calf.

Top 5 exercises to increase the volume of your calves

The calves are often the most neglected part of the lower body. The muscle groups of your thighs can Dsn code black reviews very well support the muscles of the trunk of your body when you lift weights but the calf muscles must work intensely to stabilize the body during each movement while supporting the total weight of the body to which it ‘ Adds the load you raise.

year-volume calf

It is essential that your calves support you during all movements or you risk serious injuries. In the same way, you do not need to train the rest of your body if you do not take care of your calves. You will not be able to effectively stabilize the weights you lift outside your workouts – which means you will not be able to use your muscle mass for practical applications. The worst thing is that you will have legs that will resemble chicken legs.

You can not even rely on the best exercises for the legs like squats and raised ground to fully develop your calves. Start working with these 5 exercises to increase the size of your calf muscles for and ensure you have a full workout.

Anatomy of calf muscles

The calf muscle is a group of muscles joined together in the upper part of the lower leg just below the knee. This group consists of two muscles that work together and constitute the whole muscle of the calf.

Gastrocnemius (or twin muscle) – The calf muscle that is most visible. This muscle is attached to the Achilles tendon and to the back of the knee on the femur where it crosses the knee joint

The Soleus – This is a deep muscle that is not visible when looking at the outside of the leg. It lies under the gastrocnemius on the lower part of the back of the leg.

The function of both muscles is to lift the heel when the leg is tense or the knee is bent. This muscle is used in a multitude of movements – walking, jumping, running etc.

The top 5 exercises to increase the volume of your calves

The calf muscles can be worked on through many exercises, but it is a specialized muscle group that is little mobilized if you do not specifically solicit them. This top 5 exercises for the calf muscles will help you to keep a balanced workout associated with other exercises to keep you physically fit.

Some of these exercises require the use of weights while others use more natural physical strength. To increase the strength of any exercise you can add extra weights with straps or weight discs (or increasing the strength of the machine if you use one).

Calf extensions in standing position

You can do this exercise using a calf machine. The number of repetitions you will perform for this exercise will vary depending on the volume of your calves and your current training routine. Try different series to find the one that best fits your calves.

Sit on the machine and place the soles of your feet on the hold. Start with the low heels, about 5 to 10 centimeters below the level of the hold. With this positioning of the heels you get a better stretch of the calves. Climb the soles of the feet as high as you can and tighten your calf muscles when you reach the maximum amplitude of movement. Hold this position briefly and then go down again, controlling your movement and repeat.

Seat calf extensions

This exercise is necessary to achieve a complete development of the calf muscles. Although this movement is similar to standing calf elevations, calf elevations in a seated position will effectively target the lower calf muscles (soleus muscles).

Sit with your thighs against the pads of the machine. Again, lower the heels by 5 to 10 cm depending on your flexibility. Lift and contract the calf muscles once you reach the maximum amplitude of movement. The number of repetitions per series for this exercise should vary between 10 and 20 repetitions depending on your needs and what you can tolerate.

Thigh calf

It is an exercise that has proved its worth and that has been used for years, it is also known as the extension of the calves to the machine. Due to the nature of this exercise, it has great potential in order to obtain a deeper stress on the calf muscles. Workout can be intensified by adding weights, so you can avoid making standing calf elevations with someone on the back.

Sit on the machine and press the platform with your toes and the soles of your foot. Do not move either your hips or your knees, instead, place all the load of motion on your ankles. This position focuses on the calf muscles only.

Box jumps

In many exercises where you lift weights, you must have an explosive force in your legs. The box jumps allow to develop this explosiveness because it is a functional exercise that gives your calf muscles much more power. This exercise will reactivate your muscles so that they contract much more quickly, and gives your calf muscles a tone.

Stand on your toes, your toes facing a box whose height you choose to suit your capabilities. Jump on the box and get on your toes and on the soles of your feet. Repeat and repeat the movement 8 to 10 times. Do not use dumbbells or weights while doing this exercise because you must have your hands free to catch up if you stumble.

Squat with jump and dumbbells

Although this movement also makes the upper leg muscles work, it greatly appeals to the calf muscles and must be incorporated into your workout. Just like box jumps, the squat with jump and dumbbells can help you increase the explosive power of your calves. This type of exercise helps to develop muscles quickly – increase muscle mass, and helps burn more calories.

To do this exercise, simply put yourself in position to perform a standard squat and go down into position by standing on your toes and on the soles of the feet. Once you are at your lowest point, propel yourself and make a jump. Reception on the soles of the feet and immediately make another squat. Use dumbbells during this exercise if you want to increase the difficulty, but avoid using a bar. The dumbbells will change your center of gravity by moving it down and they will give you more balance.

Tips to Train Capricious Calves

Training for beginners to muscle your calves

Calf extension in standing position – 2 sets of 12 repetitions

Calf extension in sitting position – 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Intermediate training

Calf extension in standing position – 3 sets of 12/10/8 repetitions

Thigh-press calves – 2 sets of 10 repetitions

Calf extension in sitting position – 1 set of 20 decrease load and do 10 additional repetitions

Advanced training to develop calves

Box jumps – 1 set of 15 reps

Calf extension in sitting position – 3 sets of 15 repetitions

Thigh-press calves – 2 sets of 12 repetitions

Calf extension in standing position – 2 sets of 10/8 repetitions

Squat with Dumbbells – 1 set of 15 repetitions

You will quickly see the results by incorporating these 5 exercises into your usual leg training routine to develop your calf muscles . When working on increasing leg muscle mass, remember that it is important to eat well especially in terms of protein so that your body can withstand the effort you are asking it to do. Do not exceed your limits and respect the daily capacities of your body. Give him or her the time needed to rest and recover between each workout, a damaged muscle group is a useless muscle group.

How to build muscle in 16 weeks

Strengthening muscle takes dedication and patience. With the right diet and a disciplined Regimen exercise your body will build muscle mass over time. This process does not happen overnight, but if you stay with it, you will see accurate results in 16 weeks. Building muscle mass improves your appearance and has many benefits for your health, including improving blood circulation and increasing your metabolism.

How to build muscle in 16 weeks


1 Increase your total caloric intake. To build muscles you are going to have to give your body the right kind of food to turn into lean muscle mass. Do not indulge in any kind of food. Concentrate specifically on increasing the amount of protein and unsaturated fats you eat every day. Chicken, fish, beans, nuts, eggs and milk are good options. Stay away from junk food and sweets.

2 Increase the number of meals you have per day. The goal here is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. This allows your body to fully maximize all the calories you consume each day. Try to eat every three hours, and avoid eating anything at least two hours before going to sleep.

3 Start a weight training routine. Besides a good diet, strength training is the most effective way to build muscle naturally. Use free weights and dumbbells, if possible, as they are more effective in building muscle than machines, and also give you a home option to achieve your goals. Gradually increase the weight you use every two weeks for the entire 16-week diet. You should aim to do three sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise four times a week. See “Resources” for some good whole body free bodybuilding routines.

4 Get a good cardiovascular workout three times a week for 30 minutes each time. Do a two-day cardio workout between strength training. Cardio is important in maintaining your body fat down and giving your muscle tone more and more muscle and definition. Racing, biking, jumping jacks and swimming are all effective cardio exercises.

5 Do not over train. Overworking your muscles can actually hinder their overall growth. Your muscles need proper rest and your body needs at least eight hours of sleep for the muscles to develop effectively.

6 Drink more water. This simple step will go a long way to help you gain muscle mass. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day helps your body eliminate fats and helps restore your muscles faster after training.

What to eat according to its morphology?

The ectomorph (thin corpulence) will have a metabolism opposite the endomorph (strong corpulence), that is why once one has identified his metabolism one must adapt his diet according to his objective.

Few people fit perfectly into one of the three categories. We’re often in between. Moreover, with a few years of training associated with the monitoring of good food hygiene, we can evolve and move away from its morphotype. An ectomorph who has been practicing bodybuilding for several years and who monitors his diet can tend towards the morphotype of the mesomorph. Similarly, an endomorph, following a strict diet and orienting its training around cardiovascular activity, can resemble a mesomorphic.

The distribution of nutrients in the ectomorph

The metabolism of ectomorphs lends itself well to the consumption of carbohydrate and protein with a moderate intake of lipids. Ideally the distribution should be around 55% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 15% lipid.

The distribution of nutrients in the mesomorph

The mesomorphs can consume the nutrients in substantially the same amounts with ideally a dosage of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% lipid

The distribution of nutrients in the endomorph

The organism of the endomorphs lends itself to the consumption of more lipid than the other 2 types of morphology. Ideally 25% carbohydrate, 35% protein and 40% lipid.

What do you need to know about diet and morphotype?

Depending on body shape, body composition and general health, the ability to use carbohydrates in foods as a fuel is greater during and after exercise. Which means that the best time to consume carbohydrates is around your sports session. Depending on the morphotype and tolerance to carbohydrates, the strategy may be different.

High carbohydrate tolerance

Athletes with high tolerance to carbohydrates can eat a large amount of it outside of their physical activity. That is to say throughout the day with a larger amount on the day of workouts of course.

Preferred food type: All foods composed of complex carbohydrate during and after training. Some starchy foods like whole grains, unprocessed carbohydrates can also be consumed with each meal, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Average carbohydrate tolerance

In this case, it is necessary to minimize carbohydrate intake outside of physical activity. Mesomorphs can consume them especially in the morning and after the sports sessions. The rest of the time they must consume moderate carbohydrates and more protein.

Preferred food type: Foods rich in complex carbohydrates but only during and after exercise. Starchy foods, whole grains and unprocessed carbohydrates can be consumed at breakfast and after physical activity. These foods should be used in moderation for the rest of the time. Fruits and especially vegetables can be consumed at each meal.

Low tolerance to carbohydrates

Endomorphs have a low tolerance to carbohydrates. They are advised to avoid foods high in carbohydrates outside of physical activity even during breakfast.

Preferred type of food: Carbohydrate-rich foods should be excluded during periods of physical exercise. Vegetables and fruits can be consumed at a ratio of 5: 1.

10 Tips to Increase Muscle Mass When You’re Lean

The truth is that the principles to be applied have not changed for decades, and that if you want to gain weight by increasing your muscle mass, you only have to apply them. No miracle, just will and work!

Eat often

To gain weight, you have to split your meals and eat every 3 hours at least. 3 meals a day is not enough even if you eat the equivalent of 5 or 6 meals. Indeed imagine the dose of calories that should be consumed with each meal. Belly stomach and nausea assured. In addition, your body will assimilate the nutrients more by eating every 3 hours.

You must eat before you are hungry. Think that at each meal you will significantly increase the dose of protein and carbohydrates that you are going to bring to your body for muscle rebuilding and glycogen stores.

Imagine that at each meal missed you will lose some muscle muscle. If the 6 meals make you afraid. Start the first week with 4 meals then 5 the second week to finally swallow your 6 meals after 3 weeks.

Eating rich and varied foods

It’s easy to eat every day the same and get into some kind of food routine by taking the same breakfast, lunch etc every day.

This is the best way to fall into boredom and eventually get tired and then give up. Just as it is important to change bodybuilding exercises to avoid boredom and to continue to work effectively, you must vary your diet by always controlling the nutritional quality of each meal to consume the nutrients in good proportions.

Eat enough calories

After training your muscles need protein to rebuild. It is easy to understand that if you do not eat enough, your muscles will not be able to rebuild enough and you will not be able to take mass.

Meals around training are the most important. They must be high in protein and carbohydrates. During this window the body is particularly demanding of nutrients and vitamins. It is therefore essential to feed properly to develop its mass.

It is very hard to hope to gain weight by not consuming enough calories and by relying only on workouts to develop your muscles. It is as if you wanted to build a house and you did not have enough bricks or you wanted to drive a certain distance but you did not have enough gas.

Keep track of what you eat

This is an advice that is not applied and that does not take much time. By noting what you swallow, you can get an accurate idea of ​​the meals that do you the most good and it is a great way to actually realize what you consume. In addition, this will force you to read the labels and double-check what you are taking. You should note everything, even what you drink with all the quantities as minimal is it.

Eat 30 to 50 grams of protein at each meal

Proteins should account for about 35% of the total caloric intake. By eating this amount of protein make sure you bring your body enough nutrients to rebuild muscle tissue after a workout and increase your muscle mass while speeding up recovery and maintaining low body fat levels. If you do not consume enough, muscle recovery will be compromised.

List of foods high in protein to consume to take mass

Eat 50 to 70 grams of carbohydrates at each meal

Carbohydrates are the fuel of the body. They are the ones who will give you the energy to make your session run smoothly. Without them you will turn in slow motion. In addition, a lack of carbohydrates will slow down the muscle building process because in this case your muscle tissue will be used as a source of energy if you can not use sugars.

At the level of the type of carbohydrates to consume, it is better to choose complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index as opposed to the simple carbohydrates found in all sweets. Complex carbohydrates release a slower, more durable energy that is essential during training.

Complex carbohydrates turn into fat only if you eat large quantities of fat. If you feel that you are beginning to accumulate fat, decrease your rations.

Eat 10 to 20 grams of fat per meal

About 20% of your diet should consist of fat. Sometimes it is meant to consume as little lipids as possible during meals because they constitute as much fat that will accumulate and that will have to lose thereafter. This is a very bad idea because fat-free fat intake is virtually impossible and lipids are good for the body. They help to support testosterone levels.

Preferably, saturated, mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids are preferably used in a balanced quantity. With 20% lipids consumed daily you will optimize your muscular gains and your health.

Eat vegetables at every meal

At first sight one does not necessarily think of vegetables to take the mass because they are not rich in proteins nevertheless they represent a not insignificant source of vitamins and minerals essential for the optimal functioning of the organism especially when subjected to Intense physical activity.

The most neglected advantage is their role in recovery. After mass-training, the body secretes free radicals and the antioxidant virtues of vegetables will help reduce the amount of the latter and as a consequence accelerate the recovery of damaged muscle cells.

Moreover, the vegetables, because of their richness in fiber, facilitates the assimilation of the proteins during the recovery after the training by slowing down the digestion.

Protein raises the level of acidic charges in the blood and as a consequence a possible decrease in muscle mass. Vegetables and fruits help to stabilize this level thanks to their “alkaline” richness.

List of vegetables rich in fiber

Eat more at breakfast and around training

Now that we have seen what to eat, let’s see what are the best to swallow and maximize the intake of mass while avoiding the intake of fat.

The principle is to consume the right nutrients when it takes to bring energy to your body or what to rebuild by supporting muscle growth when it is needed.

The organization does not have the same needs depending on the time of day. So breakfast should be the most important meal because after a night of sleep your body needs nutrients to nourish the muscles and have enough energy to prepare for its workout. Meals just before and after training are very important because the body is particularly in demand, especially carbohydrates used as fuel before the session, and to rebuild glycogen stores afterwards. Protein will be used to strengthen the muscles after the sessions as we saw above.

Eat Solid AND Liquid

The benefits of liquid snacks with dietary supplements is not negligible. Rather than preparing tons of food and getting up 1 hour earlier to cook, or skipping meals for lack of time, choose to consume a shaker 2 to 3 times a day. The proteins, minerals, and vitamins found there will be easily assimilated by the body and will be a good alternative to solid meals.

The solid meal mix and liquid meal-based dietary supplement helps bring the body a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that traditional meals could not bring.

How to improve muscle mass?

Relationship between muscle development and contraction

The basic principle to be respected when looking for hypertrophy is the search for muscular fatigue by moving more and more heavy load to force the body to adapt to the stress. The greater the load, the greater the force deployed, and the more intense muscle contraction will result in increased muscle growth. To adapt, the muscle fibers accelerate their development by synthesizing more fibrils reinforcing the muscle more. Finally, the muscular fibers are enlarged and thickened: this is called muscular hypertrophy.

Henneman’s muscle growth and size principle

This principle is essential to understand to grasp the link between long series and muscle hypertrophy. Indeed this principle justifies the use of several series to hope for a better muscular development and allows to assimilate the concept of training in intensity.

The principle of Henneman says that the motor units are mobilized in a certain order, from the least fatiguable to the most fatiguable. The latter exhibit a higher excitability threshold, due to their myelin composition. The former innervate type I fibers while the others innervate type II fibers. These type II fibers have a higher growth potential and therefore they hypertrophy better. It is for this reason that the athlete looking for mass gain should choose training in series and intensity because it is essential to stimulate the white fibers (type II) whose potential for hypertrophy is more important. Indeed, when one follows this type of workout, the intensity of the exercise increases over the series, so the work time too.

What factors influence muscle development?

The parameters to be taken into account during the weight-training session for athletes aiming at mass gain are: the intensity of the tension, the time under tension, the degree of stretching, the speed with which the muscle contracts and The pace of repeated efforts.

These factors are interdependent ie they are all related and can not be separated during training. The intensity of the tension depends on the load being lifted, the length of the moving segment, the size of the muscle and the athlete’s ability to move the load even when it is heavy. In the same way, the time under tension is dependent on the load raised, the amplitude of the movement as well as the contraction velocity which in turn varies the force and the power which are essential parameters for the grounding.

In practice, we can find these parameters during the 4 phases of a repetition: the starting position, the concentric phase (movement of the load), the isometric phase the eccentric phase (return of the load to the initial position)

An important parameter to make these muscles swell: the time under tension

It is a fact, the more time you spend lifting the cast iron, the more you develop your muscle mass. This can be explained by the fact that by providing a prolonged effort by moving heavy loads, ie carrying out several series, the body accumulates lactic acid (waste produced as a result of the transformation of glycogen into energy). And it is this accumulation of lactic acid that will trigger the release of anabolic hormones including testosterone. Studies show that this release of hormone allows the muscle tissue damaged by the practice of musculation to reconstitute even stronger and more voluminous. Testosterone releases a growth hormone secretion which would then stimulate the synthesis of somatomedin C in the muscle fibers. Under the effect of somatomedin C,

The limits of the principle of time under tension

It is known that below 70% the maximum load raised, the effort required is not large enough to stimulate the growth of muscle fibers. Muscle mass intake is therefore random below this percentage.

The live time is directly related to the maximum load raised and the number of repetitions. Indeed, the greater the load, the smaller the number of repetitions and the longer the time under voltage. It can therefore be deduced that in order for a series to be effective in the athlete seeking to acquire muscular volume, it must be limited in time. With a lighter series and a longer tension time, muscular hypertrophy will tend more. We speak here of time under natural tension and not artificial. The aim is to lift the load as quickly as possible without controlling the speed of movement during the exercise.

Accelerate climb to promote muscle development

Slow down descent to increase recruitment of fibers

There are several advantages to slowing down the movement during the descent of the load.

The first is that with heavy loads, slowing causes greater muscular stress because the resistance over time increases, which results in an intense effort of the nervous system to stimulate the growth of the fibers of the muscles which respond in response. Hypertrophy more.

The second is the type of fiber recruitment. By combining the movement during the descent, a greater recruitment of the white fibers of type II possessing a greater hypertrophic potential than the type I fibers is observed.

However, it should be noted that this principle does not apply to series with a weight below 70% of the maximum load. Since with a light weight, the slowing down of the descent does not require a sufficient effort to stimulate the nervous system and lead to the development of muscle fibers.

Stretch the muscle to the maximum to improve contraction

According to studies carried out in particular by Starling in 1918, which shows the relationship between a stretching of the muscular fibers and their contractile performance by relating force and length: a stretched muscle will contract all the more as its Stretching is great.

This means that by extending the muscle, the muscular practitioner increases the contractile force of this same muscle thanks to the elastic energy accumulated and released during the contraction. Moreover, the preliminary stretching of the muscle has a second advantage: it increases the amplitude of the movement during the approach of the segments making the contraction longer and giving more work to the muscles.

This principle applies essentially to the movements of insulation If one takes the example of the curl. By starting the arm extension movement to maximize stretching of the biceps, the contraction of this muscle will be maximized during arm flexion.

Mask with cucumber “coup d’éclat” to make yourself

Refreshing, this cucumber Bella Rose RX shark tank facial mask smoothes the skin, quenches it and makes it brighter. To be used immediately after manufacture.

Face mask with cucumber


Cucumber : A real cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and minerals, it is particularly moisturizing and softening. It also brings light and shine to dull complexion.

Its purifying and slightly astringent action is interesting for mixed and oily skin.

Honey: It is full of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, formic acid, antibiotic and aromatic substances. The honey is at the same time antiseptic, purifying, softening, antioxidant, regenerating, moisturizing, healing and emollient.

Fresh cream: With its nourishing, moisturizing and softening properties, it provides additional water to the skin. It also re –



4 or 5 slices organic cucumber

1/4 teaspoon honey

1 tablespoon cream


Peel the cucumber and cut into slices.

Place the slices and cream in a blender.

Mix and add the honey.

Mix, it’s ready!


Distribute the mask over the entire neck and face, except for the eye contour.

Leave on for 5 minutes.

Make a light circular massage with your fingertips.

Rinse the mask with clear water.

Then apply your usual moisturizer.

Integrate this care into your beauty routine by using it once a week. You can also do it for a flash beauty, before an evening for example, to restore freshness and tone to the skin.


Prefer the use of raw materials and ingredients from organic farming.

Observe strict hygiene during the manufacture of the mask.

Do not forget to clean and disinfect your hands, the utensils and containers you will use, as well as the worktop.

Perform a skin test by applying a dab of product to the fold of the elbow or wrist. No reaction after 48 hours? You can enjoy it.

What are its dynamic fixings and what do they do?

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What is Bodybuilding Exercises about?

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What are its dynamic fixings and what do they do?

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