10 benefits of pilates for your health and video with the best exercises

10 benefits of pilates for your health and video with the best exercises

What BENEFITS does PILATES testosup xtreme have? What does pilates do? What are the Pilates exercises? LEARN what benefits it brings to practice pilates …

The Pilates method is a system of physical and mental training created in the early twentieth century by the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who devised it based on his knowledge of different specialties such as gymnastics, traumatology and yoga, joining the dynamism and muscular strength with the Mental control, breathing and relaxation. The most common practices of the method are two: Pilates with machines or floor Pilates.

The Pilates Method is indicated for everyone, both for those who are introduced for the first time in physical activity, and for those who seek to improve the movement whether they are young, old, people who perform some other sport or those who carry a more sedentary life.

Strengthens the musculature without excessively increasing muscle volume.

Increases joint flexibility, promoting movement and improvement of the joints, as well as helping to prevent injuries.

Corrects posture, reducing back and lower back pain.

Increase self-control and self-esteem, thanks to breathing and concentration exercises.

If you are in search of a new healthy discipline with which to put your body and mind in shape, then you can enjoy Pilates as an ally of your own well-being. What are the advantages of pilates?

Healthy benefits of pilates

Reasons to practice pilates as a health routine that raises your level of well-being in the present.

1. Know your body.

The knowledge of your own body is something much deeper than looking at yourself in the mirror and observing your own reflection. When you do this, you only observe your body from the outside, in its external image. However, pilates allows you to know your body from the inside. Therefore, it is a discipline that raises the level of introspection in all senses.

2. Live the present.

Pilates generates a new mentality and a new sensibility in your life. Therefore, it is a discipline that helps you to live the present moment with love. It is an experience of deep well-being and you connect with the reality of one’s own life. You learn that health care begins at this moment because it is in the now when you create your future.

3. Muscular care

The practice of Pilates is very healthy to reduce possible muscular tensions. But in addition, it also helps you to prevent pain.

4. Sleep better.


Insomnia is one of the great problems of physical and emotional health. And in addition, insomnia also increases in summer as a result of the negative effect of high temperatures. Pilates is a healthy medicine to sleep better and encourage a restful sleep.

5. You take care of your body posture.

Pilates helps you to know your body better as we have said before. For this reason, thanks to this self-knowledge also improves your own body posture. And the care of the posture is directly linked to well-being. Since some pains are a consequence of a bad position.
6. Complement of other sports.

Another reason why it is worthwhile to practice Pilates is because this discipline is also a good stimulus of motivation as a complement to other sports. For example, it helps you promote healthy control of your breathing.

7. Raise your level of self-esteem.

Health is not only a physical concept, but also an emotional one. Pilates raises your level of self-confidence to undertake new challenges and carry out other different objectives.

8. Reduce stress.

Stress is a consequence of the body tension that many people experience in their daily routine. Through the pilates you can notice a remarkable reduction of stress.

9. Harmony body and mind.

Through the practice of pilates you learn to bring your body and mind into harmony through a dialogue of well-being.

10. Health promotion.

That is, pilates improves your level of well-being for the simple reason that you learn to take care of yourself in a proactive way.

These are the ten benefits that Pilates produces in your health and that you can experience from this moment.

6 things you should know about muscle building!

6 things you should know about muscle building!

The formation of muscles can primal factor become very difficult. Especially when it comes to packing in the muscle the sufficient volume and hardness without packing the fat at the same time.

Maybe you feel very discouraged by not being able to achieve a lean muscle, but before you get depressed, take a look at these 6 things to know a little more about muscle building!

6 Things You Should Know About Muscle Building!

Today I would like to try to explain exactly what it takes to build muscles without going into too many complicated details. It seems to me that there are so many people and trainers out there that complicate this issue, they just want to attract consumers to their latest program or to a more recent supplement.

Today I just want to give you some good information that I hope can clear up any confusion about what it takes to develop muscle in its essence. I will keep this pleasant and simple theme and I will base it on my personal experience, because in the end I believe that your own personal experiences are the best way to calculate any type of results.

One can not simply rely on scientific studies or university tests since most of these tests are biased or based on genetically gifted individuals.
What Do You Need to Do to Build Muscle?

Well, let’s think about this question for a moment. First, it must be understood that your body is more than happy to remain exactly as it is at this moment.

I would prefer not to change and it is programmed to be like that after thousands of years of evolution.

This means that to make any change in the composition of your body, you are going to have to coax or persuade it by doing so. This is why, for today’s purpose, the formation of the muscle we will answer, how to persuade our bodies to make the muscles grow? Well, we have to give the muscles a real reason to grow!

There are many ways to do this but it is best to divide it into some more manageable pieces:

An Excess of Calories throughout the body.

One of the keys to gain muscle and weight is to consume more calories. The reason why you may want to give your body more calories is because if you are going to demand more from them than what they are used to giving, then you have to feed them with a larger amount of fuel. Think of your muscles as if you want to travel even further in a car.

If a gas tank reaches a certain number of kilometers, but you want to go further, then it is logical that you need to have more gasoline, right? As for this, it is exactly the same for the growth of the muscles. You have to feed them more so that you have more energy to push the formation of new muscles.

Now without going into unbearable detail (which is not the point of this particular article), you can not simply over feed your body on the basis of pure junk food. You have to make sure that you are eating lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

A Progressive Overload

Now that you are eating enough to give your body the extra energy you need, you will have to emphasize the muscles so that they respond in the best way and so that you can get bigger.


Your muscles are currently the size that is based on the level of activity by which you have put them through, your genetics and your strength. Definitely you can not change your genetics, but what you can do, however, is change your strength to a greater degree to cause hypertrophy (muscle building) by weight training.

To put it more simply, it is necessary to begin to progressively load your body with some form of resistance training. Honestly, do not worry too much about finding that special program that will be better than all the other programs out there. There are too many training programs to try and choose the best one. Surely there will be one in particular that will generate spectacular results.

In my experience, with all programs you can work your muscles! Yes, of course, some may be better than others, but in the end you will get results no matter what program you try, as long as you follow the key rules for muscle building. Trust the foundation and the principles in place of the program. By doing so, you’ll get results no matter what program you’re on.

Four exercises to fight against depression

Four exercises to fight against depression

When you are depressed, testro t3 one of the worst things you can do is sit on the couch at home and do nothing. Exercise increases the levels of endorphins in the brain, which leads to a feeling of well-being and euphoria. Even a gentle exercise such as walking can make you feel better. Researchers have found that active people have higher levels of satisfaction than sedentary people. When you feel depressed, try one of these four exercises and say goodbye to depression.

The first exercise to relieve your depression. You do not need to run, or run a 5 km race to get the anti-depressant benefits. Running only 20 minutes a day is enough for your brain to produce the chemicals that fight depression. Studies show that any level of intensity is enough to stimulate your brain. Try to run at least three days a week to get good benefits against depression. At a certain level of effort your brain releases endorphins that produce feelings of joy and well-being. It is also difficult to think about your problems while you are doing the exercises.

Strength training is another effective exercise that can increase your mood. Studies show that strength training reduces the symptoms of depression. It gives you something to focus on and offers rewards that you can see and feel. The intense concentration that is needed helps to free your mind of your problems. Start with light weights and little by little, to gradually increase the weight. Simple exercises that you can try to include, bicep curls, shoulder pressures and lifting the legs. Working with a personal trainer for a few sessions is a great way to get the basics and start an effective routine.

To get a relaxing exercise to reduce depression and become more flexible, try practicing yoga. A recent study shows that women who did yoga twice a day for 8 weeks experienced a significant reduction in depression symptoms. His anxiety also decreased. Yoga involves concentration and focusing on your body allows your mind to focus on other things different from your problems. Yoga also reduces stress and anxiety and modulates stress response systems. It decreases the heart rate and blood pressure, which also contribute to the reduction of depression.

Tai Chi is another exercise that can relieve depression. The movements are slow and smooth, and require concentration. In a recent study, patients suffering from depression who practiced tai chi for three months showed a reduction in their symptoms. The tai chi group environment can help improve the symptoms of depression. Tai chi also helps you sleep better and relieves stress and anxiety.
When you begin to feel depressed, try to practice one or more of the exposed exercises to relieve your symptoms of depression. Not only will you feel better mentally, but you will lose weight and get in shape during the process of performing the exercises. Just going out in the sun is a very good thing, since research has shown that sunlight can increase your mood. These exercises are good for your body and your mind. Do not let depression keep dragging you down a well, try to take control and fight depression with these practical exercises.

Learn to manage your life

Learn to manage your life

The current pace of life is crazy, testosup xtreme everything goes at a brutal speed, there is almost no time to stop for a moment, stop to think, reflect or just rest.

The current working world (for those who are lucky enough to work) has become a roller coaster, a Formula 1 race where we all want to get into the top positions without caring who we left behind.

This affects the relationships with family and friends, but also the relationship we have with ourselves.

We must find a way to organize our life so that it has room for everyone, in a way that we can enjoy quality moments with our partner, children or our parents, to live fun times with our friends, to dedicate time to train our Mind and our Body

(yes, we must exercise both).

There is no magic formula to do it, there is no method that works for everyone, because each one lives a different situation from the others, but there are a lot of tips in the network about how to do it. Here I leave some of them.

– 18 Ways to Manage Your Time

– Do you know how to manage the Time of your Life? The Rule of the 3 Eights

– Learn to Manage your Time better in 3 Easy Steps

These are 3 examples that could help us, but there are many more, even you can create your own ways to organize your time.

Remember, there is only one life, live it, enjoy it, squeeze each of its seconds to get all the best out of it. In short, whatever you do, be happy.

5×5 strength routine and an example of training

5×5 strength routine and an example of training

If you want to increase zyplex your strength, as well as muscle volume and burn fat that you have in excess, the strength routine 5 × 5 (5 sets of 5 repetitions), is a training program that will take you to reach the desired goal.

However, this program has been used for several decades and is one of the most popular for the simple reason that it is effective. Nowadays, bodybuilding programs are, above all, very complicated and not very motivating. That is, you spend a lot of time understanding and assimilating the program to make this happen.

The advantage with the 5 × 5 strength training program is simple and offers a very strong growth line. It is simple but not easy to execute, since in this type of routine you need to lift a lot of weight, but in the same way you have to train the mind and perfect the technique in the execution of the movement, avoiding future injuries.

You can shape it or combine it with other programs according to your preferences and your goals, but you should not abandon it until you achieve it. Because if you want to see the changes in your body, you have to be aware of what is being done and not be jumping from one program to another so soon.
How was the 5 × 5 strength training program born?

Reg Park, the mentor of Arnold Schwarzenegger, began using this program in the 1950s. Arnold, who was a weightlifter but potentially used this program to develop strength and solid muscle mass, before using routines and exercises of directed strength muscle training.

Reg Park and Arnold are the sponsors of bodybuilding art and therefore can be trusted, have used this program for years and are very effective in meeting the objectives. On the other hand, later the program was popularized by Bill Starr in the 1970s. This method teaches the importance of systematic evolution, to strengthen the main exercises.

It is designed for the intermediate practitioner, in the same way for someone who has experience, with the exercises and a decent training history will do quite well. Keep in mind that this program is designed to run over a period of time, taking into account that training changes over time and it is not necessary to always do the same.

Why, the 5 × 5 strength training program is one of the best?

As the name implies, a 5 × 5 routine strength training is simply a set of 5-series exercises of 5 repetitions. This allows to work with an optimal intensity to develop muscular strength and volume without excessive training.

Bill Starr

is a program that is built around large compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, barbell rowers and military presses. It consists of three weekly workouts throughout the body, with a rest day between each one.

It is possible to practice this program by isolating the train-superior of the train-inferior of the body, when you are already familiar with the 5 × 5 program you will be able to create your own routines according to the specific objectives that you have. Each session consists basically of three main exercises; ensuring that all the major muscles of the body were exercised.

Additional exercises are not necessary when you realize that the 5 × 5 strength training program is turning out. However, you can add some additional assistance exercises to the program, in order to evolve more quickly and safely in the main exercises.

You will find more of the topic here: 5 Strange Side Effects When Exercising With Heavy Weights.

How to use the 5 × 5 strength training program?

There are several ways to use the 5 × 5 strength training program. Applying these 3 techniques that will allow you to pass the level of beginner to expert, and although you already have a good level of fitness, this program can probably take you beyond your expectations.

You can use these techniques individually for several months, or combining them to vary your programs and thus stagger your progress.

Technique 1: 5 sets of 5 repetitions with the same weight.

You must do 5 sets of 5 repetitions with the same weight, after doing a warm-up series with less weight. This technique is ideal for beginners as it offers to develop strength and muscle mass.

If you start a new cycle of exercises, you need to make many perfect repetitions to learn and anchor the correct technique. That is 5 × 5 and with the same weight is a good way to do it, because with the warm-up series you can achieve more than 40 repetitions of the same exercise.

Boxing: how are the trainings

Boxing: how are the trainings

Boxing has been one of the core max ultra most criticized sports in the world of sports because it is not considered a sport

as such and even many people have considered it brutal or too aggressive, however, people who practice this type of sport speaks to us of a great concentration in which they spend many hours training very hard to get the body they need and above all have the right concentration to avoid getting angry with your opponent during fights and genuinely taken as a sport.
Regardless of all this, what we present today is a series of videos in which you can see the training of people who practice this sport in a professional way so you can get an idea of ​​how hard they are and the type of exercise that is they require.
The first video that we present is designed to see the training that is done with boxing bags.
In the video we can see 4 different types of exercises that are cataloged as the best exercises for professional boxers.
In the following video, you can find a boxing routine by uan of the most famous trainers of the moment that will help you get fit at home if you want to start in the world of boxing
Remember that in addition to the exercises for the body, boxers must train their mind through meditation. It is very important that at no time in the fight you get angry with your opponent and you must be clear at all times that in this game, who loses patience, loses the game.

Perform the eccentric calf rearing

Here is an example of a diet used testosup xtreme to treat the problems of Achilles tendonitis:

Problem: Achilles tendonitis

Solution: perform the eccentric calf rearing


1. Stand on the edge of a step and remove the leg without hurting it from the ground, slowly lower the injured leg until it reaches maximum stretch.

2. Instead of trying to get up as if you were doing a normal calf raise, place the healthy leg on the step and remove the weight of the injured leg. By using your healthy leg, you will find yourself in a position where the injured leg would be on top of the concentric portion of the calf raise. At this point, remove your healthy leg and lower again.

3. Repeat for 6 sets of 15-20 repetitions

Problem: elbow tendonitis

Solution: Tricep extensions


1. Have a training partner return your weight with your elbows locked in the contracted position with your arms raised in the air over your face.

2. Slowly lower the bar until the muscles of the triceps are fully stretched and the weight is behind the head and the bench.

3. From this position, have your training partner remove the weight and return it when you are in the starting position.

4. Repeat for 6 sets of 15 repetitions.

NOTE: It is CRITICALLY important to use an eccentric load to perform only the eccentric part of the movement. Although the joints respond well to rep work in general, when the injury is at an advanced stage, we must completely eliminate all concentric lifting work during the rehabilitation program. By working with athletes and using myself, we discover that even the serious problems of the tendons respond well and allow the painless lifting to become a reality again.

Supplements to help you
Although training is the key part of this program, a supplement that has been found to have many positive testimonies through its ability to improve joint function is the complement of the joint strength of E-Pharm. If you choose to use this, spray the injured area twice a day, then use a plastic wrap to wrap the affected area for 30 minutes. The ingredients of the Joint Force have been shown to provide relief and help with healing and pain relief. Another alternative is Achilles from Antaues Labs, which provides immediate relief of pain and prolonged joint support, and unlike joint strength, is taken orally. I highly recommend one or the other. In conclusion, you should give this program a good 6-12 weeks and show the same commitment you have in the gym to your rehabilitation program. By guaranteeing a full recovery, you will soon reach and exceed the weights while working around your injuries.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack


Commonly known as 6-bromodione in the supplement industry, it is found to be 6-alpha-bromodione or 6-beta-bromodione. Alpha-bromodione is a competitive inhibitor of aromatase enzymes [vi]. Basically, this means that it works by binding to the active titan blast binding site of the aromatase enzyme, which results in the prevention of interaction with androgens. This is good for short-term, fast binding aromatase control, but unfortunately a competitive inhibitor will eventually release the enzyme and allow you to do feminizing things to male hormones. It is also worth mentioning that 6 beta-Bromodioneis is a suicide inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme.

Together, both will provide a powerful one-two punch that should reduce estrogen while boosting testosterone. The 6-Bromodione fears that in the words of the supplement guru Patrick Arnold (who probably more experience with this type of products than any other person) “Another alpha halogenated androstene (fluoro 6alpha, chloro 6alpha) have anabolic androgenic activity. firm suspicion that 6alpha bromo would also be, as in the 4-halo testosterone series, the 3 halogen substitutions are effective … so you want to stay away from the 6-alpha-bromoandrostenedione if your goal is recover HPTA. ”

Basically, this suggests the possibility that instead of being a natural testosterone booster works with your body to increase testosterone, 6-Bromodione has the potential to reduce the natural levels of testosterone in your body after you suspend the product.

This covers the most popular ingredients found in testosterone boosters nowadays, although supplement companies are always looking to add something new that seems to help their latest products on sale, often accumulating testosterone-boosting compounds. others designed to reduce estrogen improve the overall effectiveness of the product. Now we will focus on examining the best current culture of testosterone stimulants in the market and we will provide readers with practical advice on how to take them better.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

This herb, also known as Malay ginseng, is often used to treat erectile dysfunction, increase libido and increase athletic performance. While there is a fair amount of evidence that Eurycoma is an aphrodisiac that is capable of increasing libido and libido, there are also suggestions that it could have antiestrogenic effects. However, very little actual research supports its benefit as a testosterone stimulant. A recent study suggests that Eurycoma may increase testosterone levels in individuals who naturally have low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism), but no such benefit has been observed in healthy men.


Potassium is a mineral that the body needs to function properly. Studies show that insufficient amounts of potassium can affect the pituitary gland and, therefore, do not secrete luteinizing hormone, leading to less testosterone synthesis. [Viii] Therefore, it is suggested that a sufficient amount of potassium in the body can increase testosterone production in the testes. This is the reason why this mineral is included in many test reinforcements, to ensure that there are no deficiencies and that the body works at a maximum rate on the production of testosterone.

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a plant that has been used in traditional Thai medicine. It has been suggested that the root acts as an aphrodisiac and improves erectile dysfunction through better circulation. [Ix] There is evidence to suggest that the components of Butea Superba can have direct androgenic effects. It should be noted, however, that most of these studies used rats and when replicated with humans with erectile dysfunction, none of these results was evident. [X] What we can conclude from the studies is that Butea Superba has some testosterone-stimulating properties on paper, in reality (when administered to humans) that its effects are not reliable in terms of circulating testosterone

Metabolism and improved digestion

Practicing yoga asanas, can give vital force enduromax you a form of meditation in constant movement, clarity of consciousness and concentration by focusing on the movements of the body.

Although many people are familiar with sitting meditation, it is usually understood that yoga asanas were designed to prepare the body for long periods of meditation while being senate.

The most common sitting positions for meditation really are very ancient yoga positions. In yoga, learning both asanas and meditation brings balance to both the body and the mind.

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s holistic approach to wellness improves balance, strength and flexibility in the body, mind and spirit. The asanas improve your flexibility, balance and coordination, while cleansing and detoxifying the organs.

Prayanama and meditation improves focus by reducing tension and stress.

The spiritual and lifestyle disciplines help to create a notion about our daily actions. Used in combination, the practices will increase general health and well-being.

Other benefits of yoga include:

Regulated blood pressure

Metabolism and improved digestion

A strengthened immune system

More productivity in your daily life
Keep reading to explore this discipline!

The practice of Pilates

Pilates may seem similar to yoga, but its methods are a little different.

History of Pilates

Pilates was created in 1920, it is much younger than yoga! A German man named Joseph H. Pilates, who was a nurse in the First World War, developed this practice to rehabilitate wounded soldiers.

After he moved to the United States (before the Second World War), dancers began to learn their techniques. And they quickly adopted their exercise system and were able to use it to recover from injuries and to stay in shape.

It was not until 1990 that pilates exercises finally became an important current.

The United States coaches adpotado this practice as a way to become (or stay) free of injury while developing long and thin muscles.

Focus on the torso

Many Pilates movements are similar to yoga for a good reason: they are derived from ancient yoga asanas!

However, unlike the typical modern yoga class that focuses on balancing the entire body, a class of Pilates focuses on the muscles of the torso.

This includes abdominals, lower back, stabilizing muscles of the back, and spine.

This group of muscles is commonly considered the center of power in Pilates because they provide the basis on which the limbs and other muscles move.

Although other parts of the body also receive attention in Pilates, most of the work focuses on the torso.

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Benefits of Pilates

The first benefit that many pilates practitioners notice is that they get stronger abdominal muscles and a flatter abdomen.

Additionally, torso strengthening exercises help stabilize the spine, which improves posture, balance and confidence.

Weight training with resistance machines creates strong, long and thin muscles. In general, the strength and flexibility obtained with pilates also helps to prevent and heal injuries.

The extreme training of full body with dumbbells

The extreme training of full body with dumbbells

Do you have a pair of dumbbells? mass cut pro Then you can do extreme full body training.

Gain muscle, gain strength and define your body with this extreme full body training with dumbbells. Just make sure you do not leave it in the middle.

You do not need to attend a gym that is packed with state-of-the-art equipment to gain muscle strength and conditioning. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a good plan. I put four complex plans each one requires only a pair of dumbbells and your body. Each complex will challenge you in a unique way.

Complexes (or stations, to call them differently) are great because they will force you to complete a high volume workout in a short period of time. The key is to hold on with the weight until you have completed all the movements. Do not rest until you’re finished.

The extreme training of full body with dumbbells

Before you start training, grab a dumbbell from 10 to 12 pounds and warm up by doing the following warm-up:

Make 1 round:


1 – Dumbbell Halo
10 repetitions in both directions

2 – Fly reverse foot

10 repetitions

3 – Standing scap lifting

10 repetitions

4 – Lifting of Romanian dead peos

10 repetitions

5 – One-legged walk with deadlift

10 repetitions per leg

6 – Goblet squat

10 repetitions

7 – Iron

30 seconds

8 – Squat with jump

Without weights

Once you have completed the warm-up, grab a set of dumbbells and put your mind and body in action mode. The first time you do the routine you only work at each station as best you can and do not worry if you feel a little uncomfortable or the weights you have are not ideal.

If you have more than one pair of dumbbells available, you probably want to increase or decrease the weight depending on the season you are doing. In general, use as much weight as you can but do not go too heavy because you will not be able to move well. Desnode 2 or 3 minutes between stations and get ready to work hard.

Complex 1 – Power Station and Force

When you’re doing the cleans, use a powerful hip extension to raise the dumbbells, just as if you were doing a clean with the barbell bar.

When you have finished with your second, do a clean one more time and start with the push press. Use your legs. These are not military presses. And you should definitely make sure you get a solid stance on the top with your torso contracted.

After the third press, bring the dumbbells to a rack position in which the dumbbells are in your chest, it can be with a neutral grip or in front of you, as you are more comfortable. Keep your torso contracted, and get in position to perform the front squats.

Perform 5 rounds, resting 60-90 seconds between rounds

1 – Clean with dumbbell

3 repetitions
2- Push Press

3 repetitions

3 – Front squat

3 repetitions

Complex 2 – Hypertrophy Station

Now that you’ve done some explosive work, it’s time to raise the range of repetitions for muscle growth. That’s what this extreme full-body training is about after all.

For the first movement, lie on the floor and squeeze the dumbbells together while doing the press up, this will demand more to the chest as well as the triceps. During rowing, hold a position that is safe for your spine and try to make a good squeeze on the top between your shoulder blades.

Do not alternate your legs in the reverse lunge. Execute 10 lunges on one leg before switching to the next to maximize the stimulus each one gets. If your grip begins to feel weak, hold the dumbbells in the rack position. The rack will give you more work for the middle zone, but both exercises work the legs in the same way.

Perform 4 rounds, resting 60 seconds between each.

1 – Crush Press from the floor

10 repetitions per leg

2 – Remo bent over

10 repetitions per leg

3 – Reverse Lunge

10 repetitions per leg