How to handle an infidelity

The infidelity can unleash blue fortera devastating consequences for a married couple and is frequently cited as the limit switch in a relationship, overcoming the emotional and physical abuse unavailability. However, more than half of married couples decide to handle infidelity in their marriage and cope with the damage in time, instead of separating. Sadly, the healing process does not happen overnight, and even the most engaged couples can be frustrated by hurt feelings, paralyzing guilt, and resentment. | View: 3 phase recovery | Dr. Janis A. Spring, clinical psychologist and author of After Infidelity and How I Can Forgive You shares us 10 key steps a couple must take to deal with infidelity before they start over with more strength than ever.

Depressed woman thinking how to handle an infidelity

1. Honesty First

Following the discovery of infidelity, Spring suggests the injured party detail their grievances to their partner by articulating a relentlessly and emotionally crude statement. “It is vital that the injured person feel heard,” Spring emphasizes. “It’s easy to feel crazy over pain, and you need to understand that you have a language to talk about your pain.”

2. Give testimony

Just as important, the adulterous couple must be prepared to face the pain that has caused their infidelity. Many unfaithful people feel paralyzed by guilt; they see infidelity as irreparable damage, and by mistake urge their partners to put the pain behind them instead of taking the time to grieve. Spring urges the unfaithful to “bear witness” to the pain they have caused instead of defending or deflecting the impact, and clearly points out that this willingness to take responsibility is vital to handling infidelity and rebuilding trust.

3. An apology in writing

After the adulterer has openly and comprehensively heard his partner’s statement, Spring suggests to the unfaithful person to paraphrase the story in his own words. That is, write a detailed and specific letter to demonstrate that they understand the pain they have caused. And a miserable “sorry” will not cut it. “I’m sorry” about a quarter of an inch deep, says Spring. “Verbal guarantees, promise not to do it again, this means nothing after infidelity. You have to prove that you have heard and understood your partner at the deepest level, and that means citing very concrete examples of how you have hurt them and then take actions to demonstrate that they will not in the future | you can also see. the protocol of forgiveness |

4. Avoiding Cheap Forgiveness

Sometimes the desire to save the relationship (and on the other hand, the fear of the loss of the couple) overcomes the need to release anger, and couples who are victims of infidelity forgive before they have had the possibility to become angry. Spring calls this “cheap forgiveness,” and this behavior is found in abundance in people who are more afraid of being alone than staying with an unfaithful couple. Not only do cheap pardoners cheat themselves out of a healthy grieving process, but they also guarantee future infidelities by not forcing their partners to understand their pain.

5. Sharing responsibility

Even in relationships where only one person has deviated, often both members are to blame for an affair. Spring acknowledges that the unfaithful person must own up to 100% of his guilt (because “no one forces him to cheat”) but the aggrieved party must also recognize their own role in fostering an unhappy union, however miniscule it may be. The injured person must see how they contribute in facilitating the loneliness or isolation that forced his partner to take an adventure and take measures to ensure greater emotional intimacy in the future.

6. The establishment of rules

“There are specific ways to win and trust in order for the relationship to heal,” Spring advises the couple to set up non-negotiable, iron rules at the beginning of the healing process. “The injured person can request that their partner always answer the cell phone even if they can not hold a conversation.If he or the unfaithful had an online relationship, the injured person may require that every time they are in the room and their partner is on the team, can look over his shoulder and see what he is doing.

Although these measures sound a bit like a school teacher with her rigid rules, Spring insists that this imbalance of power facilitates the insecurity and mistrust felt by the injured party, while demonstrating the will of the offender to grant certain rights to privacy, while your partner regains confidence in the relationship.

7. Redefining sexual intimacy

One of the biggest obstacles in the healing process lies between the sheets. “Often, a couple feels like the other person is sitting in the middle of them, like a ghost, and that conception brings tension to sex,” says Spring. The intruding ghost can have dire consequences: the unfaithful person often feels pressured to indulge in bed.

Pelvic pain in pregnancy

Some women develop pelvic pain during pregnancy. This condition, also known as pubic symphysis blue fortera dysfunction (DSP), can be described as a collection of uncomfortable symptoms caused by the stiffness of the pelvic joints or by the uneven movement of the joints in the back and front of pelvis.

This is not harmful to the baby , but can cause severe pain around the pelvic area and hinder movement.

Pelvic pain or DSP does not exactly cause the same symptoms, may be mild for some women and worse for others. The most common symptoms are:

Pain on one or both sides of the lower back.

Pain in the area between the vagina and anus (perineum)

The pain can also radiate to the thighs, and is most noticeable when walking, climbing a ladder, standing, turning in bed, etc. It can also be difficult to separate the legs, for example when leaving a car. It is important to clarify that the majority of women with pelvic pain can have a normal vaginal delivery.

Who has pelvic pain during pregnancy?

An estimated one in five pregnant women has pelvic pain to some degree. The factors that can increase the probability of developing are:

Background of pain in the lower back or pelvis

anterior pelvic injury, for example due to a fall or accident

History of pelvic pain in a previous pregnancy

Having a physically demanding job

When should I seek medical care for pelvic pain in pregnancy?

Being diagnosed as soon as possible can help control pain through physiotherapeutic treatment and avoid long-term discomfort. These problems tend not to improve completely until the baby is born, but proper treatment can significantly improve the symptoms.

The physiotherapy has as main objectives relieve pain, improve muscle function and improve the position and stability of the pelvic joints. This may include:

Manual therapyto ensure that the joints of the pelvis, hip and spine move normally.


Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, stomach, back and hip.

Exercises in the water.

Tips and hints about positions for labor, baby care and positions for sex.

Equipment, if necessary, such as crutches or pelvic support belts.

How to relieve pelvic pain during pregnancy?

Pay attention to the following tips:

Be as active as possible according to the intensity of your pain. Avoid activities that make pain worse.

Rest whenever you can.

Ask your partner, family, and friends for help in completing household chores.

Wear flat shoes with good support.

Sit down to dress, for example do not stand on one leg when putting on pants.

Keep your knees together when you get in and out of the car.

Sleep in a comfortable position, for example by placing a pillow between your legs.

Try different ways to flip over in bed.

Climb up the stairs by placing one foot first and then the other on the same step.

If you want to have sex, consider different positions as long as you feel comfortable.

Avoid crossing your legs and sitting or standing for long.

Avoid lifting weight, such as shopping bags or a small child.

Avoid doing activities like vacuuming and pushing supermarket trolleys.

Quick Guide to Green Vaginal Flow: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

While vaginal yeast infection is the Testo Boost RX most common type, there are other forms of vaginitis that can trigger an abnormal discharge with odor . Most of the time, infections are not life-threatening, but should be treated immediately to avoid complications. What are the most common causes of green vaginal discharge and what can be done to prevent it in the future? Here we offer you a basic guide with the most important information.

pensive woman

Trichomoniasis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases , is caused by the microorganism Trichomonas vaginalis. Typical symptoms of trichomoniasis include green vaginal discharge, unpleasant and strong odor,vaginal itching and irritation , painful urination, pain during intercourse, and pain in the lower abdomen.
Women can usually get trichomoniasis by engaging in unprotected sex with multiple partners or with a new partner. Call your health care provider right away if any of the symptoms listed above are noted. The doctor will perform a physical examination and take a sample of vaginal fluids to send to the laboratory. Treatment usually includes a course of the oral antibiotic called metronidazole (Flagyl).

If left untreated, trichomoniasis can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility or ectopic pregnancy in the future.

Also an STD, chlamydia is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, a type of bacteria that can be contracted during unprotected sex. Patients with chlamydia may have abnormal yellow or greenish discharge, bad odor, abdominal pain, painful periods, itching or burning in the vagina, painful urination, bleeding between periods, pain during sexual intercourse. However, up to 75% of women with chlamydia do not have symptoms, which means they could have the infection unknowingly.
Chlamydia is usually easy to treat and requires an average of two weeks of medication. The doctor usually prescribes azithromycin or doxycycline, which are two potent oral antibiotics, along with a probiotic supplement to prevent possible yeast infections. In the case of serious infections, hospitalization, along with intravenous medication and pain medications, may be necessary. If you experience symptoms of chlamydia while you are pregnant, it is important to tell your doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications in pregnancy.


Gonorrhea is an infectious disease that is usually transmitted through sexual contact. Caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, gonorrhea is common among sexually active women and even teenagers. Patients with gonorrhea experience symptoms that are similar to chlamydia, including downloading color yellow – green, pain in the lower abdomen, conjunctivitis, spotting after intercourse, bleeding between periods, burning when urinating and inflammation of the vulva.
Sometimes the symptoms of gonorrhea are mild and may go unnoticed. Because their flow is quite similar to discharge in a yeast infection, many women start self-treatment with over-the-counter medications. The correct thing is to consult a doctor as soon as you experience the symptoms to correctly diagnose the underlying cause and receive the appropriate treatment.

How to prevent green vaginal discharge?
Since green vaginal discharge is specifically caused by sexually transmitted diseases and rarely by other conditions, women should avoid unprotected sex with multiple partners. To prevent infection, protective measures such as condoms should always be used, especially if you are pregnant .

Sometimes yellow-green vaginal discharge can be triggered by feminine hygiene products that alter vaginal pH and create the ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate. This results in an abnormal vaginal mucus with bad odor, itching, swelling, redness and pelvic pain. It is recommended to use only water for daily cleaning or add a neutral soap, which does not have much perfume. Avoid using vaginal deodorants, bubble baths or other hygiene products, and wear only cotton underwear. Also, be sure to clean properly, from front to back and use only sanitary towels instead of tampons if there is excessive vaginal discharge (very common during the middle of the menstrual cycle).

If you must take a course of antibiotics, also take a probiotic supplement to prevent the growth of Candida organisms. The most important thing in prevention is to go to the gynecologist frequently to make sure it is perfectly healthy or to identify possible infections in time.

The keys to the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet

is a cultural heritage, typical of body boost garcinia countries around the Mediterranean basin, especially Spain, Italy and Greece. This heritage is the fruit of cultural exchanges for more than eight thousand years, coming from three continents; Africa, Asia and Europe.

It is much more than a diet and a series of food customs. It associates a series of cultural characteristics, typical of these countries, which include benign climate, celebrations, physical exercise, and the way of cooking food.


Food characteristic of the Mediterranean diet

Our diet has a number of characteristics, which make it clearly differentiable from the others.

Foods that constitute the Mediterranean diet:

It is very rich in foods of vegetable origin, such as legumes, fruits, nuts and vegetables. They are consumed mostly seasonal and often fresh, in the form of salads, which keeps all their nutrients intact.

High in fiber, minerals and antioxidants present in foods of plant origin.

Frequent consumption of legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans), very typical of our gastronomy.

Use of olive oil as the main fat for cooking and food dressing. Olive oil is very rich in oleic acid, fatty acid with recognized antioxidant properties and protective against cardiovascular disease.

The cereals (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice) are the basis of the medieterránea.

Moderate consumption of red meats and sausages.

High consumption of fish, including blue ones (mackerel, sardines, tuna etc.), with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, with beneficial effects on chronic diseases.

Moderate consumption of dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt).

Frequent consumption and moderate amount of nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.).

Moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks, low graduation, especially wine. Characteristics of the Mediterranean diet

Our diet is characterized by consuming a number of foods with certain nutritional characteristics, which are as follows.

Nutritional characteristics of the Mediterranean diet.

Low consumption of animal fats, which decreases the saturated fat content of the diet.

High consumption of unsaturated fats, mainly from olive oil (monounsaturated fats) and fish and nuts that contribute polyunsaturated fats.

Rich in complex-type carbohydrates from cereals.

High in fiber, vitamins and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables consumed.

Using simple cooking techniques, such as salads, roasts etc, using olive oil as cooking fat. Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has been well studied in recent years and has been the subject of numerous epidemiological studies. All of them have demonstrated, on numerous occasions, the numerous benefits of our diet, among them, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases related to diet.

The most important benefits of the Mediterranean diet: It

improves the profile of blood lipids.

One of the keys to the Mediterranean diet, is the consumption of olive oil as a culinary fat, instead of butter or butter used in other countries. This food is very rich in a fatty acid called “oleic acid”. This fatty acid, has the ability to lower total cholesterol, while saturated fats present in animal fats, has the opposite effect, that is, they raise cholesterol, total and “bad”, thereby increasing the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases.

It improves the ability to control body weight.

It decreases the inflammatory response , which makes it very useful in diseases of inflammatory type, such as rheumatic, etc.

Decreases risk of thrombosis, which reduces the risk of stroke.

It decreases and improves the condition of the atherosclerotic plaque (fat layer that deposits inside the blood vessels) and is directly related to the development of diseases of cardiovascular origin (myocardial infarction, thrombosis, etc.).

Decreases blood pressure in cases of hypertension.

It improves intestinal transit, due to the high fiber content. This improves weight control as it favors the elimination of excess fat from the diet by faeces.

It decreases the risk of suffering some types of cancer, due to the high content of antioxidant substances present in fresh fruits and vegetables.

It has cardioprotective effect, due to the consumption of blue fish and nuts, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Decalogue of the Mediterranean diet

After analyzing the characteristics of our Mediterranean diet, we will expose the decalogue to be able to comply with a diet that follows the same guidelines.


Use of olive oil as the main fat for cooking and dressing the salads.

Eat foods of vegetable origin in abundance, especially fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.

3 easy-to-prepare fitness burgers

Usually we usually associate rapid relief cbd oil burgers with the excesses of junk food and high amounts of calories. however, today I offer you the healthiest alternative to this delicious American dish with these fitness burgers that you can easily prepare at home and are perfect to add to your diet to lose weight or maintain muscle mass.

We start with the one that can offer you the most amount of protein. The properties of salmon nourish our body with essential fatty acids (much omega 3), minerals like iron and potassium, in addition to vitamin D.

Ingredients :

100gr of fresh salmon.

2 slices of wholemeal hamburger bread.

1 mustard crust.

1gr of breadcrumbs.

Lettuce leaves and sliced ​​tomatoes to taste.

Salt and pepper to taste. Preparation : We

clean and cut the salmon in small cubes and we mix it in a bowl with the mustard and the breadcrumbs until everything is compacted and with consistency; we salpimentamos to taste. The only thing left to do is take the round shape of the hamburger and put it on the grill. Serve on the bread with lettuce and tomato to taste.

Chickpea and Broccoli Hamburger

With how nutritious these ingredients are, you will not believe that you are eating a delicious hamburger. Both chickpea and broccoli are foods rich in vitamins and minerals that our muscles need so much; and legume especially gives us important amounts of energy that we will use in exercise routines.


50gr of chickpeas.

25 g of broccoli without stem.

Half an onion.

2 rounds of breadcrumbs.

Salt, pepper and garlic to taste.

2 slices of wholemeal hamburger bread.

Lettuce leaves and sliced ​​tomatoes to taste. preparation:

The first thing is to put the chickpeas and broccoli in water (in two different pots) without stem and well washed. Being well cooked, we take them out of their pots and drain them and then place them together in a bowl and add the previously chopped onion half.

Now we must mix in such a way that we have a kind of dough to which we will add garlic, salt, pepper and 1gr of breadcrumbs. We mix everything together again.

The other tablespoon of breadcrumbs are used to shape the hamburger. Now just bake until golden and ready to place on bread.

Oatmeal Burger and Cauliflower

Having these two ingredients so closely associated with the world of fitness as protagonists we can already imagine the amount of fiber and vitamins that will bring this hamburger to our body.


50gr of cauliflower without stem.

Half a cup of oats in flakes.

3cdas of flour (maize or wheat).

2 rounds of breadcrumbs.

Salt, pepper, garlic and thyme to taste.

1 egg.

1 / 2cda of extra virgin olive oil.

2 slices of wholemeal hamburger bread.

Lettuce leaves and sliced ​​tomatoes to taste. Preparation:

The stemless part of cauliflower (well washed and drained) should be chopped in such a way that it is granulated. Already when we obtain the approximately 50gr, we put them in a bowl with the breadcrumbs, the oats, the thyme and the garlic. We mix everything and in the end we add the egg and the olive oil.

With the correct texture we should be able to shape our hamburger to cook it in the griddle or the oven until golden and put it in the bread with the lettuce and the tomato.

Tips for Feeling Beautiful on a First Date

A first date is that first encounter kotolena cream of a couple that lives with special intensity when it comes to a first date expected and desired. In that case, nerves, stress and fear of rejection can become a source of emotional blockage that even affects a girl’s own perception of herself, that is, these types of fears can be a brake on the loving self-esteem. How to feel beautiful

when you live a first love meeting?

First, do not try to compare yourself with anyone else , each person has his own external and internal beauty.

In addition, it is important not to over-emphasize the value of physical appearance because it is much more important to have personality, to show concern in the topics of conversation, to be faithful to yourself and not to think only of pleasing the other. The conversations become very boring when on a first date the boy or the girl continually give reason in everything.

Choose a look you likeand with which you feel really comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror. Today, there is also very cheap fashion so you can also treat yourself to give yourself a new shirt or a garment that you want to look on that occasion.

Not seen in a very different way than usual, since you remain the same in any context. Do not do things thinking that in such a way or such another you can like that boy more. On the contrary, be yourself in every way to make things more authentic since that first encounter.

Add-ons can be a key factor in personalizing a look through a specific and defined style using a bag that you love or your favorite earrings. In fact, in a first date is a good time to take a look at those garments of the closet that are always key to success on special occasions. Those garments that get you out of any hurry because they are timeless.

Super foods, a list that will change your life!

All foods contain certain amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and properties that make them favorable for certain parts of the body and improving metabolism in general. However, there is a special type of food that, apart from containing the above mentioned, also has extraordinary healing ingredients. Although they are not miraculous, they help in a rapid way in the improvement in dozens of areas, these are called superfoods .

Related image

Why are SUPER Foods?

Super ?: It is a prefix that is given to those products that are or not of vegetal origin (although most are), play a determining role in the accelerated improvements of diseases like illness or delay palliative). They are also known to contain phytonutrients that help in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body.

What are they ?: As we mentioned, most are of plant origin, but there may also be animal extracts such body slim down garcinia as fish fat whose omega 3 prevents coronary heart disease. It should be emphasized that a superfood is never processed and its consumption should preferably be raw.


List of superfoods that you should buy Acai:

It is known worldwide for being a small fruit, round in colors like black or violet much like grape. It is completely rich in fatty acids so much that when touching it feels oily. It contains palmitic acid, polyunsaturated linoleic omega 6. It is easy to digest and very appealing in agricultural communities of Brazil.

What does he do ?: Well, these things would not do any good but tell us what he can do for you. It is recognized for being a great antioxidant, rejuvenating and providing energy. In addition to slimming, detoxify the body naturally managing weight loss and highly recommended for people with problems related to the colon.

Krill Oil:

It is a type of beneficial fat that is being more favorable than the fish itself. Krill oil comes from a shrimp-like crustacean that feeds on algae. It is the preferred food of sharks and whales. It is a product well known for its properties in omega 3, but the difference of this with other types of omega, is that it is found in phospholipids, but not in triglycerides, which is why 50 times more beneficial.

What it is used for: It mainly promotes vascular health, controls cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system and even is essential in learning and depression problems due to their effects on the mind.

Evening Primrose Oil:

It is the oil that is obtained from the seed of the Onagra plant, in many countries it is also known as primrose. It is very rich in omega 6 acids as well as linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid.

How can you help me ?:It is really known by women (and loved by them), by its effects by reducing the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome and its side effects like the swelling, the nauseas or the particular pains.


Perhaps it was the most famous food of the world of 2015, and at this moment it is still talking about him. It is well known to all to be a soft, delicate fruit that can be combined with dozens of foods and recipes and has been branded as “the fruit of the gods” because of its clear, non-penetrating taste that helps in the dozens of sufferings.

How can I use avocado ?:It is perfect for reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, because they are low in saturated fat. It also helps in weight loss by promoting the feeling of satiety. On the other hand it contains photochemicals that reduce the risk of cancer, finally because it is a true antioxidant that helps in the delay of aging.
Black garlic:

It is very strange and it is obtained by means of a simple process that consists of a fermentation of the raw white garlic with sea water by space of 60 to 90 days. Although it is a “byproduct” of traditional garlic, it does not have the same characteristics in flavor, taste and texture, as this one smells good.

Why eat black garlic ?:It is well known as an antioxidant, but not only good for it but also contains about 2000 times more vitamin E that helps blood cells and reduces cholesterol by balancing blood pressure. It also has allicin that when absorbed by our body helps to maintain the health of the body in the development of red blood cells and the prolongation of life.

Aloe vera:

The plant that neither the avocado has surpassed. It is very well known in several countries as aloe vera penna, aloe vera baba, aloe vera. It is a plant of growth adaptable to several climates that has been cataloged as a superfood thanks to its nutritional components applicable to almost any subject.

Reasons to consume it

: It is a powerful cicatrizante that accelerates the reconstruction of the skin. It is excellent for combating acne. It works perfectly for constipation and for the prevention of anemia. It is also commonly used to treat gastrointestinal problems as difficulties in digestion thanks to its delicate components.

Benefits of making love

Love is the most essential androdrox feeling of our existence. Severo Ochoa, who in biological terms is nothing more than “physical and chemical.” Sex releases a cataract of hormones that give us pleasure, joy and attachment, but this act also interacts with different functions of our organism.
Many scientific studies have shown the health benefits of sex as a couple, an activity that avoids health problems such as cardiovascular disorders, diseases such as osteoporosis or dementia. Anna Hodgekiss tells us through the prestigious newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ the benefits of making love. These are:

Conserving neurons

After reaching a certain age, our neurons die and are not replaced which ends up causing senile dementia. From the age of thirty-five we lose between 6,000 and 7,000 neurons a day. Sex could slow this progressive loss of neurons.

couple in love

Sexual practice releases testosterone that improves concentration and accelerates our reactions.
A study by Princeton University concluded that sex stimulates the development of neurons in the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and education. Prevents neurons from aging prematurely.
Older people who have sex regularly are less likely to have dementia, sex increases blood flow in the brain, increases the flow of oxygen needed for the proper functioning of neurons.

It is a natural sedative

The climax inhibits the emission of neurotransmitters that transmit the signal of pain to the brain, in addition to releasing endorphins. Therefore orgasms act as a natural tranquilizer. It raises the threshold of pain three times as much as a standard dose of morphine.

Reduces Depression and Stress

Endorphins act similarly to opiates because of their calming effect and produce a sense of well-being, so they are good for combating depression and stress.
The happiness hormone is serotonin because it creates a sense of happiness. We do not feel like having sex when we are depressed, but we should make love to get away from depression.

It makes us happy

The limbic system, the area of ​​the brain that is involved in the feeling of happiness, is more active when we receive some reward. Exactly the same system is activated with the sex, the drugs or the game, activities that make us enjoy.
The sexual act increases the production of dopamine, the hormone related to pleasure, without the contraindications of other substances that cause its production, such as recreational drugs.

Helps sleep better (men)

The body wants to relax after making love, for this reason sex is a good resource if we suffer from insomnia. A good orgasm has the same effect in a man as 2 milligrams of Valium, this is why men stay fried immediately after making love.
Women, however, continue to stimulate time after making love, which makes it hard for them to relax after sex. Sex awakens them, although the “wake-up” effect does not last too long.

ncreased Fertility

The more we make love the more chance we have of getting pregnant, regular sexual practice, even on non-fertile days, causes changes in the immune system of women that increase the chances of getting pregnant.
Couples are advised to maintain intimate relationships on a regular basis to increase the chances of pregnancy even on non-fertile days.

Avoid Cardiac Risks

Making love 3 times a week may reduce your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke by 50%. Women who enjoy 2 orgasms per week are 35% less likely to have cardiovascular disease compared to those who can not climax or do not have sex.

Are you a cheeky woman?

Being a daring woman does alpha hard reload not mean that you are irresponsible, or that you are a “crazy goat”, and of course does not mean that you are a woman who goes on the street teaching “meat” and provoking the staff.


No, being a daring woman means:

Be sure of yourself.

You know what you want.

Fight for it.

That you want.

That you indulge yourself.

You respect others, and demand that they respect you.

And of course it means that you are determined, that you are generous with your partner, but also you know to ask what you like.

I believe that life is like a project that we have been completing since we were born, and that we complete when we die.
Throughout our life, we are marking, purposes until achieving the goal that we have set ourselves.

Being a daring woman means seeing our sex life as another project, which also needs to have purposes and goals.

Then you’re a cheeky woman?

There are times when we need to give a little push to regain desire and passion in our sexual and partner relationships.

It’s time to be a daring woman to end the routine, and the monotony that without realizing it or – perhaps laziness – has settled in our relationship and drowns us both.

It is time to conquer new frontiers, and get back the passion of the early years.

We all know that the worst enemies of sex are stress, responsibilities, fatigue, and we suffer all these problems habitually, make a little effort that allows you to have a full sex life-no matter the age-and you do not consent to your life sexual is like a robot, do not consent to spend your life without having enjoyed to butt.

Not for many years with your partner you stop being a woman with desires, nor stop being attractive.

Every day and at any age, you are in time to arouse the eroticism and sexual desire of you and your partner. It’s just a matter of … Vol.

Sex is the best natural relaxing in the world, why not make a little extra effort to have a nice sexual encounter? You do not have to have model measures to arouse the passion of your partner, surely you never had and you found attractive.

Reinforce your self-esteem. How about a change of look? , try some beauty treatment, look at yourself in the mirror without stopping repeating: I am sensual !, this will make you more receptive to sex.

Take the initiative, show your desires, you’ll see how your partner starts to look at you in another way, you’ve broken the routine, the one where you always find a pretext to say: tomorrow, my head hurts, excuses, excuses and more excuses!

Surprise him with a new attitude and you will quickly see the results, because taking the initiative will strengthen your image as a lover in the eyes of your partner. It’s time to commit crazy love !!

And why not increase the frequency of your sexual intercourse now? Sure you do not have as many obligations as before, not so much stress, (children servants, paid mortgage) is nice to begin a new stage in your life, fall in love with the same man, surprise your partner by renewing your sexual appetite. Confess your sexual fantasies .

Confess your sexual fantasies, do not let yourself be held back by shame or prejudice, if you feel like going forward . What prevents you?

Fulfill the sexual desires of your partner, those who have asked you so many times and you have refused. It is easy and fun to fulfill fantasies in bed.

Think about sex, it’s not a sin to say I want more! You’re not dead.

Thinking about sex will make you want to have more sex .

The only limit is your imagination, likewise, it will also make you fly if … You leave it.

Having more than one orgasm is much easier than you might think.

Did you know that the female body is prepared to be multi-orgasmic? It’s just a question of practice: when you reach the climax, do not stay there, ask him to continue stimulating you, you’ll see what a surprise you both wear.

Get some sex toys, let your imagination fly and enjoy, you have every right to enjoy your sexuality.

Sexual Caresses

Here is another note from our sexologist.

Next week will provide zmass testo boost exclusive advice in the showroom, call to arrange day and hour range.

As I have already written in previous notes, sexuality is not limited only to intercourse (sex with penetration). Sexuality is much broader and ranges from caresses, kisses, hugs, rubs.

I will focus my attention on the previous games through the caresses, we call sexual caresses to the erotic caresses. Sexual caresses are not exclusively Western and human. They are practiced all over the world, but in many mammals there is a lot of sexual games that do not lead to intercourse. The caresses can culminate with an orgasm or they can be the beginning of a encounter in this case.

Previous sexual games are part of a full and complete sexuality, often because of the speed in which we live and because of this cult of sexual intercourse, we take only penetration into account, which is why it is very common for many women to consult because they are slow to arouse themselves and to achieve an orgasm, this feminine concern is born of the demand of men, that they conform to their rhythm.

Let’s see what happens physiologically, what happens in the body, the process is the same in both men and women, the scientific name is vas congestion and consists of irrigating the whole area of ​​blood that way erection occurs in man, in the case of the woman there is no visible erection and irrigates the whole clitoris that extends all around the vagina to about six inches deep is responsible for giving pleasure sensations and producing orgasms, the extension of this organ is three times greater that the male member therefore requires more time to get excited and be prepared.

In this phase, pre-penetrating sex play is essential for a pleasurable sexual relationship.

Just as man likes direct contact with his member either by touch or in oral form, women until they are unprepared, say excited enough is not pleased to be touched on their clitoris, vulva and breasts, it is not the way they are aroused, the caresses in the body, the kisses, the hugs and the demonstrations of affection are usually much more exciting and contribute to raise the temperature to reach orgasm.

Time is the time of the couple, who is carrying a rhythm in that communication and body language, it is very difficult to relax when time is one of the two, because it is always trying to achieve something at the time of the other, feel and discover , letting go, helps to disconnect from thoughts and the outside environment and facilitates orgasm and the culmination of a pleasant and rewarding encounter.